YouTube Channel Art Maker Online – YouTube Channel Art Template & Tutorial (2020)

I’m going to show you my favourite YouTube Channel Art Maker Online, and let you watch over my shoulder as I make THIS updated banner for my YouTube channel.

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Contents of this video:

0:00 Start
0:32 Uploading the Channel Art Template
1:38 Removing the photo background
2:19 Adding glow effect
3:20 Adding torn border
4:00 Adding fireworks image
4:22 Adding text
6:04 Adding arrows
7:48 Downloading channel art image
7:58 How to change your channel art

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YouTube Channel Art Maker Online – YouTube Channel Art Template & Tutorial (2020) – Video Transcript

I’m going to show you my favourite YouTube Channel Art Maker Online, and let you watch over my shoulder as I make THIS updated banner for my YouTube channel. Before we start, I just wanted to let you know that you’ll find all of the links and websites that I refer to in this video – including the link to the free YouTube Channel Art template that I’m about to use – down in the description, which you can access by clicking SHOW MORE below this video if you’re on a computer, or by clicking the little downward pointing triangle next to the video title if you’re watching on a mobile device.

Alrighty, let’s get started.

First, we’re going to go to Canva, and if you haven’t already got a free account, it’s time to sign up for one.

Once you’ve logged in to Canva, click on Create a Design button and do a search for YouTube templates.

Select β€˜YouTube channel art’ from the list.

Next, go to your uploads tab and upload the template that you can download from the pinned comment below this video.

When the template has uploaded click to insert the template.

Click and drag the corners, so that it fits the canvas. Exactly.

You’ll notice that there are a few different areas on the template, but the area we’re really going to focus on is the one in the middle, because every user is going to see that bit.

Next we're going to click on our elements tab and add either a rectangle, or in my case, a gradient – because that fits my channel’s branding.

Click on the corner of your rectangle or your gradient and drag it out to make it bigger. It doesn't matter whether it's bigger than the canvas or exactly the same size as the canvas. I'm just going to change the gradient colours so that they match my brand colours.

With your shape selected, click the transparency button up in the top right menu, and increase the transparency until you can see through the layer that we just added through to the template below.

Now I’m going to add my photograph image, and you can see that this is just one that I've taken with my webcam at home.

If you’ve got a Canva Pro account, to remove the background, click on effect and then click on the background remover.

If you've got a free Canva account, then take your image to a website called, drag the image on to the screen, and when you’re happy that the background has been removed, download the file. Then, upload your new image with the background removed into Canva.

So I'm just going to drag my picture roughly to where I want it in my image.

The next step is to place the glow effect behind my photo. This helps to soften the edges of my photo and make it look like it belongs in the image.

To do that, I’m going to select my photo, copy the photo by pressing Command C, and then paste a new image by pressing Command V. Drag the corner of the new image to make it slightly larger than the first one. Then, we're going to go into our effects and into the Duo tone app. If you haven’t already got the app installed, you might need to do that first – but all the instructions are inside that effects area.

In Duo Tone, I’m going to select the amber effect.

Then, go up to adjust. Turn the brightness up to 100 and increase the blur to roughly around 70, that looks good enough.

Now I'm just gonna adjust the edges of my blurred image and change the position to send it backward, so it sits behind my proper photograph.

If you’re finding the positioning difficult and you want to get more precise, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to do the fine positioning.

The next step is to add the black torn effect, which has turned into a bit of a feature of my channel’s branding. So we're going over into elements tab again, and I'm going to search for torn elements.

This is just an image, one of the Canva images.

Just scroll down to it to find it there it is.

I'm just going to resize the image that make it quite a bit bigger.

Then I need to get it to where I can see the rotation handle and I’m going to tilt the image – because as well as being a torn border, it also looks a little bit like a growth chart.

I'm also using the torn border to mask the bottom of my image so that it doesn't look like I'm just a disembodied torso floating in space for people who are viewing on TV.

And it's also going to provide a very handy dark background to really make my channel links pop.

You’ll need to keep adjusting the fine positioning of your photo, the glow and the other elements of your design – it’s the sort of thing that isn’t going to be perfect the first time you place them.

Okay, so the next step is to add in some fireworks.

I like this one with all of the stars, but if you don't have a pro account just choose images that say they’re free when you hover your mouse over them.

The fireworks on this image are really a space filler for people who are looking at the TV image, but I do want the fireworks to show up a little bit, even if people are viewing on a mobile. So I'm going to make sure that it overlaps into the mobile viewing space a little bit.

Alright, next I'm going to add my text.

To do that, click on the text tab and add your text.

The main part of my text is going to say β€˜ninja tricks to help you grow your channel faster’

this first bit is going to be rather small.

One little trick I use to help my text stand out a bit more is to click on the effects tab, and I use the lift effect at 100% intensity

Next I'm going to copy and paste this text group three or four times just because I’m a bit lazy and it's easier than adding each bit of text from scratch.

This section down the bottom is going to say, β€˜new videos every weekday’

And it's gonna say it in capital letters not lowercase.

And I'm going to change my font and make it a little bigger.

Now I'm going to change the color of β€˜every weekday’ to my highlight color that I use in all of my videos.

I’m going to have a little bit of text that says β€˜Get YouTube Growth Tips’ over in the right hand side part of the channel art, right above where my channel links are. This is really a call to action for my subscribe link, which is one of my channel links.

See what's happened here – for some reason, it's only selected the bottom line.

So, let's fix that up and select the whole lot.

Next I'm going to change my line spacing.

Finally, I'm gonna work on my main line, remember this bit says β€˜grow your channel faster’

I’m going to select the word β€˜faster’ and change it to my highlight colour, and I’m going to change my font type to β€˜bangers’ and change the alignment so that I can line things up properly.

Now that’s done I'm going to click and drag from the corner to make this part of the text a lot bigger.

Next I'm going to add in a play button.

I think this time I’ll use this pink one. Obviously I'm not going to leave it pink, I'm going to change the colour to make it white.

Okay. Next, we're going to add an arrow to help with our call to action and point down towards the subscription and links area.

I’m going to grab the handle to rotate the arrow, and I’m going to flip it vertically

Can you see how it’s hard to work with the smaller elements and position things when you’re working at this scale?

If you click on the zoom, we can adjust it to 100% rather than fitting the whole image in our viewer. And as you can see, there's a lot more flexibility with what we're able to do.

I’m going to select that arrow, copy it and paste it using keyboard shortcuts. And then I’m going to turn the second arrow into a black arrow by changing it’s colour and position it so there’s a very slight offset from the white arrow.

Next I'm going to adjust its position backwards so that it sits underneath the white one.

Now I'm thinking that I’m not really that happy with the Roboto font for the call to action so I’m going to change that back to the Montserrat.

Just checking everything else looks okay in the zoomed view.

I might make this a little bit smaller.

Okay, so going back to the zoom, click on fit.

Oh yeah, I’ve just remembered that I want to add the ninja tricks logo.

So I've already uploaded my logo in the upload area and now I'm just going to grab it, change its size and position it.

maybe a little bit closer.

Then I’m going to make the torn area slightly bigger.

Okay, now it's time to edit the filename and I’m going to call this ninja tricks channel art.

The last thing we want to do before downloading our new channel art is go click on our background shape, click the transparency button and turn it back up to 100 so you can't see the template sitting there below our main image.

I'm actually gonna leave the template there rather than deleting it, because if I ever want to tweak the image I can just make the background transparent again and the template is there ready to go.

When you're ready to download your image, download it as a PNG file.

And now it's time to go into YouTube. From anywhere in YouTube, if you click on your profile picture you can select to go to your channel..

Click on customize channel.

To customize the channel art, click on the little edit pencil in the top corner and then click on Edit channel art.

Now we need to upload our channel art image that we've just downloaded from Canva.

You'll notice that because we used the right Canva template, our file is at the recommended channel art size.

This is just showing us that our channel is gonna look a little bit different across devices, which we knew already, and it’s asking if we'd like to adjust the crop of our image. Because we used a template, there’s no need to adjust anything so you can just click on select.

And in a very short amount of time you can see that on the channel art is now live.

And I think it looks a lot better than what I had before.

You can see that the black torn area really makes the Subscribe on YouTube, and the links area, stand out.

So I’d say that’s a pretty big improvement… what do you think – is there anything you think I should change or adjust on my new channel art? Let me know in the comments.

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In the meantime, check out this next video – I think you’ll like it!

Blue skies.



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