How to Reply to Comments on Youtube (2020 TUTORIAL)

How to reply to comments on YouTube, or rather, how to save as much time as possible replying to comments on YouTube in 2020 is what we’ll be covering in this video

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How to Reply to Comments on YouTube – Video Transcript

How to reply to comments on YouTube, or rather, how to save as much time as possible replying to comments on YouTube in 2020 is what we’ll be covering in this video, so let’s get started!

From anywhere in YouTube, click on your profile picture and head to your YouTube Studio.

In your channel menu, click on comments.

This is going to show you all of the comments on your channel.

Notice that across the top you can see published comments, comments that have been held by YouTube for review, and likely spam.

We’re going to be working in the Published tab.

The first thing to do is filter the comments, you can either use the YouTube filters or the TubeBuddy filters.

Click the YouTube filters button and go to β€˜response status’ and check the box next to β€˜I haven’t responded’

If you’re using the TubeBuddy filters, you’ll achieve the same thing by going to β€˜That I have not replied to’.

If you’ve got hundreds of comments to deal with, then you can narrow them down to comments that contain questions, or comments that contain certain words by using the filters.

Now we’ve got our β€˜to do’ list of comments showing, the first thing I do is work my way down the list and reply to messages with YouTube’s smart commenting feature – they’re the ones with boxes that have suggested comments in them. I tend to do them first because they’re super fast!

Just choose the suggested reply that you like the look of, click on it, and the suggested comment is going to be transferred into the reply box.

If you want you can add to the comment, or add an emoji (I’m on a mac, so I can click control + command + spacebar to get my emoji shortcuts up), and when you’re done click reply.

The next thing I do is scroll all the way to the bottom of my list, because I like to start with the oldest comments and work my way to the most recent ones, and the bottom of the list is where the oldest comments are.

This is the part of the process where I’m going to use my TubeBuddy Canned Responses to make the replying process MUCH faster.

To access your canned responses, click on the grey tube buddy icon. That will bring up a list of your canned responses, which are basically response templates for the questions you get asked A LOT.

If you haven’t got any canned responses yet, click on the gear icon at the top of the canned responses window and it’ll take you to TubeBuddy.

To add a new canned response, click the green +CANNED RESPONSE button.

The name is what gets displayed in the list that shows when you click the grey tubebuddy icon, so the name needs to have enough detail for you to know what the response is all about. I’m going to call mine β€˜Thanks, you’re a superstar’

The canned response is what is going to be added to the actual comment. If you want to add the person’s channel name into your response you can use {N} in curly brackets as a placeholder. In this case my canned response is Thanks {N}, you’re a superstar with the star emoji

When you’re done, click save.

If you’ve got a free tubebuddy account, you’ll only be able to create one canned response, but if you’ve got a paid account you can have as many as you want. If your channel has less than 1,000 subscribers and you choose to pay yearly, their coupons stack – so it’ll only cost you $3.60/month to access as many canned responses as you want. To access that deal, there’s a link in the description and I’ll add it to the pinned comment too.

Back in your YouTube studio, click the little refresh icon to re-sync your new canned responses.

OK, now your canned responses work in the same way as the YouTube smart comments in that you select the one you want, it adds the text into your reply, you add extra detail if you want, and then you click β€˜reply’ to publish your response.

I’m just going to work my way back up through my comments and reply to every one of them. Remember, every comment and every comment reply is going to let YouTube know that you’re engaging with your audience, which in turn will help boost your channel’s metrics.

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