How to Post to Instagram from your Computer or Laptop

Want to upload directly to Instagram from your computer or laptop? It’s easy, you can use the internet browser that’s already on your computer and once you know how, it takes less than a minute to get set up.

P.S. This works whether you're using a Mac OR a PC, desktop OR laptop.


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How to Post to Instagram from your Computer or Laptop – Video Transcript

One of the most frustrating things about using Instagram as a marketer or a blogger is having to transfer everything over to your phone before you can upload it, so in the next 5 minutes, I’m going to show you how to upload directly to Instagram from your computer or laptop. It’s easy, you can use the internet browser that’s already on your computer and once you know how, it takes less than a minute to get set up.

Hi there, this is Amber from NinjaTricks and if its your first time watching one of my videos I want to let you know that you can find every link that I refer to in this video down in the description, including a link to my website where you can grab a heap of freebies that will help you build momentum and grow your YouTube channel.

This video is all about setting up your computer or your laptop so you can post to directly to Instagram so let’s get started…

Basically, all you need to do is tell the browser on your computer that you'd like it to pretend to be a phone browser instead – so when you go to Instagram, Instagram thinks you're using a phone and not a computer. It's a setting that web developers use all the time to check out how their sites look on different devices.

Now, I’m actually going to show you how to do this using two different internet browsers – Safari (which is my personal preference because it looks so much simpler in developer mode than Firefox or Chrome do) and Chrome (because you’ve probably already got it installed) – but just about every browser out there will have a developer mode that will let you change your β€˜user agent' and pretend to use a phone browser while you're actually on a computer.

Here’s how you post to Instagram from your computer or laptop using Safari as your browser

Open Safari and log in to your Instagram

First, go up to the Safari menu, click on it and go down to Preferences.

Once you’re in preferences, go across to the β€˜Advanced' tab and click on β€˜Show develop menu in menu bar’.
This adds the β€˜developer menu to your top Navigation menu.

Next, click on the new Develop menu and go down to β€˜User Agent’.
Change your user agent from β€˜automatically chosen’, which should be selected by default, to β€˜Safari for iPhone’.

This tells whatever website you are viewing (whether its Instagram or something else) that you’re viewing on an iPhone rather than a computer.

You should be able to see the bottom Instagram menu that you usually only see on your phone, and now you can click the plus button to add new images and videos directly from your computer, without needing to transfer anything over to your phone.

You'll notice that you can also copy and paste text into your post description, which will save you heaps of time.

If you ever need to change the Safari view back again, all you do is go through the same process in reverse.

Go up to the develop menu, go to β€˜user agent’ and re-select the automatically chosen option. Your screen should automatically go back to looking like a computer screen. You don’t really need to, but if you want to, you can go back to the Advanced Tab in the Safari menu and deselect the β€˜show develop menu in menu bar’ checkbox, and it’ll disappear.

So that’s Safari, but before we move on to Google Chrome I just wanted to check in quickly and ask whether this is all making sense to you so far… if it is, awesome, then smash that like button – but if it’s not, or you’ve got a question about this stuff that I haven’t answered yet – make sure you jump down quickly now and ask it in the comments.

Let’s get back into it.

For everyone who isn’t using a mac, setting up Google Chrome to post to Instagram straight from your computer only takes 8 clicks. The end result isn't as pretty as Safari, but it will still save you heaps of time. Here’s how you do it.

First, open up your Instagram in Google Chrome.

Go to the β€˜View' menu in the top left hand corner, then go down to β€˜Developer' and across to β€˜Developer Tools'

On the Developer Tools menu that opens up select the β€˜Network' tab.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner then choose β€˜More Tools' > β€˜Network Conditions'.

Down the bottom, uncheck the β€˜Select Automatically' box.

Underneath the β€˜select automatically' checkbox (you might need to scroll down if you can't see it) choose a mobile-based user agent from the list such as β€˜Chrome – iphone'.

You'll notice that your Instagram now has the bottom menu bar and the plus button so you can post just like you are on a mobile.

It's important to note that the user agent only applies to your current tab and while the developer tools are open. To close the developer tools, click the β€˜X' in the top right corner of the developer tools interface and everything should go back to normal.

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