How to make a Logo on Canva (TUTORIAL)

Want to know how to make a logo on Canva? I’m going to show you how you can create your own amazing logo image set, with or without a transparent background, in just a few minutes.

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0:22 Go to and sign up for a free account (affiliate link)
0:34 Black logo
3:27 How to make the background transparent (Canva Pro users)
3:43 How to make the background transparent (Canva Free users)
4:09 White logo

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How to Make a Logo on Canva – Video Transcript

Want to know how to make a logo on Canva? I’m going to show you how you can create your own amazing logo image set, with or without a transparent background, in just a few minutes.

In this video, I’m going to be making a logo for one of my website projects, which is called Tiny House Heroes.

The first step is to get yourself to Canva – just click β€˜SHOW MORE’ below this video and all the links are there waiting for you – and if you haven’t already got one, sign up for a free Canva account.

You’ll notice that I have a pro account – that’s because I create A LOT of images – but the free account is all you need to make a really professional looking logo.

Once you’ve logged in to Canva, click on create a design and either scroll down and choose β€˜logo’ or do a search for β€˜logo’ in the search box.

On the templates tab of your working menu on the left hand side of your image, scroll down until you find a logo that you like the general look of when it comes to the basic arrangement and shape.

I’m going to select this one here.

First thing I'm going to do is remove the parts logo that I don't like or need. I don't need the numbers on the sides so I'm just going to click on those and press delete, or another way to get rid of them would be to select them and click the trash can up the top. The logo that I’m making is going to say β€œtiny house heroes”. So I'm going to change the main text to say β€˜tiny house’. And then I'm going to change the script font down below that to say β€˜heroes’.

I’ve decided that I want my logo to be all the same colour, so I’m going to click on the font elements and change the colour to black. I want the word β€˜heroes’ to stand out a bit more, so I’m going to adjust the angle a bit by clicking on the rotation handle, and then I’m going to make it a lot bigger by dragging out the corner to resize it – because I really want to be able to see all of the words clearly when the logo is displayed very small.

Next I'm going to change the color of the top part of the logo. I’m going to get rid of the mountains and find another design that suits my brand a bit better. Now, obviously, my brand is about tiny houses, so I really want something that’s house related, but isn’t a regular sized normal house. It needs to be something that looks like it could be part of a tiny house. Mmmm… this one looks perfect.

Ok, so I need to make it smaller, because there’s nothing big and imposing about a tiny house.

You can see that as I’m moving this image around that, every now and then there are some dotted lines showing up to show me where the centre of the elements are and how they line up. When you see a solid line rather than a dotted line, that’s referring to the mid-point of the canvas you’re working on.

So now I'm just really playing around with sizes and seeing how the elements all look together.

Now what I'm going to do is select everything by holding the shift key down and clicking on all the different bits of my design. Once that’s done I’m going to drag the outside corners of my big square selection out until my design is basically centred on the canvas.

Play around with your Logo size and arrangement as much as you'd like – I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. If you’re not sure which one you like best you can always click the copy button, and that’ll make another identical page in your file, so you can try out something slightly different. Then, take a look at your logos side by side to see which one you like best.

Now I’ve just noticed that some of the roof area is grey not black – and I want all of my logo to be the same colour, so I’m just going to quickly fix that up.

Make sure you give your file a name that clearly describes it, because you’re going to end up with a few slightly different versions of this logo. I’m going to make a note that this is the black version, because in a second or two we’re going to make a white version to display on dark backgrounds.

A little bit of last minute resizing and now it’s time to download our new logo. If you’re a Canva Pro user, you can download your image with a transparent background by clicking the box in the download window – just remember you’ll need to download it as a PNG file.

If you’re using a free Canva account and you don’t want to take up a free trial, there’s a really easy alternative.

Just download your image as a PNG file and open up a website called . All you need to do is drag your logo image onto the page, and in a few seconds your background will have disappeared. Then you click download and you’ve got a logo with a transparent background.

Now at the start of this video I mentioned we’d be creating a logo SET because you’ll also want a white logo that you can display on images with dark backgrounds as a watermark.

In Canva, go up to File, and down to β€˜make a copy’.

We're going to rename the copy to reflect that it’s the white version of my tiny house heroes logo.

Basically what we’re going to do is select all of the different elements of the design and change the colour to white. You can’t choose them all and change the colour all at once because the text and the image elements are treated differently to one another. If you’re using the free version of Canva, you’ll need to choose a light colour that’s NOT actually white, otherwise is going to have a tough time working out what part is background that needs to be removed and what part is logo.

Once again I’m going to download this with the transparent background.

I’ve now got two images that are ready to be used in my social media images, my videos as a watermark, on my website and business cards, or anywhere else I feel like.

If you learned something new about how to make a logo on Canva, make sure you give this video a thumbs up, and let me know in the comments what type of project you are going to be making your logo for.

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