How to Add End Screen Elements (2020 YouTube End Screen Tutorial)

How to add end screen elements – that's what this 2020 YouTube end screen tutorial is all about.

Contents of this video:

00:00 Introduction
00:10 How to access the end screen interface
01:17 Adding playlist and video elements
02:09 Adding subscribe links
02:26 Previewing your end screen elements

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How to Add End Screen Elements (2020 YouTube End Screen Tutorial) – Video Transcript

How to add end screen elements – that’s what we’re going to cover in this 2020 YouTube End Screen Tutorial – so let’s get started!

There are two different ways to add end screen elements to your videos – during the upload process and in YouTube studio through the End Screens link on your Video’s details page.

When you’re uploading a new video, after you’ve filled out all of the basic details on the first metadata screen you’ll end up on this screen, which is where you add your video elements, which includes your video’s end screen.

To add end screen elements to your video, click on the blue ADD link, which is over on the right hand side, next to where it says β€˜add an end screen’.

You’ll then be taken to the End Screens interface.

Down at the bottom of the end screens interface you’ll see a timeline covering the last 20 seconds of your video. It’s limited to the last 20 seconds because that’s the only part of your video that you’re allowed to add these end screen elements to.

You can see that in this particular video, my end screen template doesn’t cover the full 20 seconds, which is fine, because I can customise the timings for when my end screen elements first display, and also when they stop displaying.

If you want, you can choose from the assortment of templates that YouTube provide, or you can do what I’m going to do and add my end screen elements individually.

To do that, click on the blue + ELEMENT link and choose whether you’d like to add a video player, playlist, subscribe link or channel.

My personal preference is to add playlists rather than single videos, because of the benefit to my channel’s watch time – although if there’s a super-relevant video that I want to add, I’ll put that in instead.

All you do is select the playlist that you’d like to add and it loads the element straight into your video.

I can click and drag the element around, and I can also use the blue handles to make it a bit larger. The only restriction is that your end screen elements need to stay inside the display rectangle, which is set by YouTube. You can see it clearly in your preview window, so that’s no hassle!

By default, YouTube adds each element for the full 20 seconds, regardless of where the scrubber is positioned, but I don’t want them to start there so I’m going to grab the start end of the blue bar on the timeline and drag it to where I want my end screen template to start.

Next, I’m going to add a subscribe link by clicking on + ELEMENT and choosing Subscribe. The subscribe links show up as circles with your profile picture in them, and just like the playlist elements, you can drag them around in your viewer and make them bigger if you want.

I’m also going to adjust my subscribe link in the timeline so that it shows up at the same time as my playlist.

The final step is to move the scrubber back to the start of the end screen and click play in the preview window, just to check that my end screen elements are showing up in the right places with the right timing.

When you’re happy with the way that your end screen elements are looking, click the big blue save button and you’ll be taken back to the video elements page – where your next step is to add cards to your video. I made a video all about that, and the link should be appearing now, but if you click β€˜SHOW MORE’ below this video you’ll also find the link down in the description.

You can follow the process we’ve just been through to add end screen elements over the top of any video, but you will have noticed that lots of creators, (including me) use a customised template at the end of their videos to make their end screen elements stand out.

If that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you keep an eye out for my next video, where I’m going to show you how to grab one of those templates from a channel you like and use it to make your own customised end screen template for your own videos. It’s a really simple process, it only takes a few minutes and it’s going to make your end screen elements look amazing!

If you learned something about YouTube end screens in this video, make sure you click the like button to give this video a thumbs up – and if you’re a YouTube creator you’ll want to subscribe to this channel for more amazing YouTube tips and tricks to help you grow your channel faster. In the meantime, check out this next video – I think you’ll like it!

Blue skies.

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