Pinterest Board Covers: How to make optimized Board Covers that look amazing [step-by-step guide]

One way to let the Pinterest algorithm know what your board is about is to make a search-engine-optimized board cover. The board covers have the added advantage that they make your profile look organized and professional to visitors, and if you make your pins the right way, they’ll get shared too! Just compare the three … Read more

Pinterest Board Descriptions: How to write a board description that gets results [step-by-step guide]

How to write your Pinterest board description, step by step guide, circular image showing Pinterest board description and follow button

Paying attention to your Pinterest board description is a great way to make your Pinterest profile easy to navigate for both your human visitors and the Pinterest algorithm – especially if your board or your profile is new. Just compare the two boards below. They both have the same board name. Which one gives its … Read more

Pinterest Board Names: How to choose board names that bring traffic [step-by-step guide]

Featured image: How to choose Pinterest board names that bring traffic

Pinterest board names can be difficult to choose. However, if your aim is to build a Pinterest profile that brings traffic there is a very simple way to choose them. Understanding how Pinterest works I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Pinterest isn’t your average type of social media – it’s a visual search engine. … Read more