Does your YouTube channel need a Marketing Strategy?

As a new creator on YouTube it is not enough to just keep creating new content for your channel in the hope that you'll eventually get discovered. When your channel is new and you don't yet have a loyal audience to help you share your videos, you need something ‘extra' to kick-start your growth… and that something extra is a good marketing strategy!

The other day I decided to go for a walk out along our local Pier.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and the water in the bay was super-flat – not quite glassy, but there was no swell and barely any ripples on the surface of the water.

There was barely any breeze and everything was still.

Just as I walked on to the the start of the pier, I noticed a guy in the distance on a stand-up paddle-board – he was out near the end of the pier, about 10m off to one side.

Now his presence in itself wasn't unusual, there are heaps of people who get out and about on paddle boards near the pier when conditions are calm.

What was really weird on this particular day was the amount of splashing going on.

Paddle Guy was right down near the far end of the pier and not only could I see a heap of splashing, I could hear it too. And he was a long way away from me!

As I walked out towards the end of the Pier, Paddle Guy ducked underneath the pier and through to the other side – still making heaps of splash and seemingly working really hard to get the little bit of slow movement he was making in the water. He was huffing and puffing and using his whole body to stab the paddle into the water at a weird angle.

“That looks like a really good workout!” a woman on the Pier called out to him.

“It sure is” puffed Paddle Guy, as he kept stabbing at the water.

Now if you're not familiar with stand up paddle boards, their operators use a long handled paddle, with a t-grip at the end. Like this one.

*This is a Canva photo and not an image of Paddle Guy

Everyone I've seen paddling one of these boards, especially in calm conditions like the ones on my day at the Pier, seems to glide majestically across the water. Even when they are racing each other at speed there isn't much splash.

Paddle Guy was different.

There was splash everywhere and despite the fact he was working hard, he wasn't getting a great return on the huge amount of energy he was investing.

He was barely moving!

Now that I was closer, I could see what was happening… Paddle Guy had the blade of his slightly scooped paddle turned around the wrong way.

He was using it backwards!

That's why he was splashing so much, because as he pushed the blade through the water, instead of digging in and propelling his board forward, the water was instead being pushed up the scooped back of the paddle and turned into splash that was going everywhere.

Because the method was so ineffective, Paddle Guy had to make up for it by doubling his work rate, and because he was getting such a cardio workout, his paddle strokes were suffering.

Paddle Guy wasn't even aware that he had a problem.

I can only assume that he was out paddling for exercise – so he wasn't too upset about how hard he was having to work. But despite him not being upset about his circumstances – it was clear to everyone on the Pier that he must be new at this!

Every single YouTube creator is familiar with the challenge of being new.

I'm guessing you've watched a whole pile of videos that give a whole pile of guidance about what you should do to grow your channel in its early stages. They're videos that are usually made by YouTubers with large channels who have been doing this for a while and have huge audiences. There's advice like ‘just keep posting videos' and ‘promote your videos on social media' and ‘invite everyone you know to subscribe to your channel' – which, depending on your niche can actually hurt you in terms of the YouTube algorithm when your channel is new.

I'm also guessing that despite the fact you've been doing all the stuff they said to do – you're still not getting the results that you thought you'd be getting by now.

The problem with YouTube (and with just about every other form of social media in 2020) is that it is really hard to get momentum with a new channel when you don't have an existing audience.

Paddle Guy was finding it hard to get momentum because although he had all the right equipment, he hadn't learned how to use it properly.

As new YouTubers we typically respond to our channel's lack of momentum by looking for new tools, and more things we can do to grow our channel. You go to the big channels and take all their advice, you may even pay for premium courses – but the result is underwhelming.

So what's the answer? What should you be doing instead?

The first step is to get rid of the false notion that you'll find some magical tool that will open the traffic floodgates. The truth is – your success is not going to be about the tricks and the tools. It's about the way you use the tools to build momentum – it's about having an effective strategy behind the simple things you do every day.

The Ninja Tricks Strategy for Growing your Channel

What we do at Ninja Tricks is a simple model, but by no means an insignificant one.

Every tip, trick, technique and tool that you find here on Ninja Tricks is part of a bigger strategy that is designed to help you grow your YouTube channel.

The experience I have gained over the last 11 years of digital marketing and social media wrangling has shown me that success on YouTube requires both momentum and consistency. It's about more than just having the tools. It's about using them strategically to build momentum and about consistently engaging with your audience.

That's why I'll show you:

  • How to set your channel up for success, right from the start
  • How to promote your videos using a strategy that's perfect for new and small channels
  • How to consistently engage and grow your audience

This strategy is suitable for any niche and even for the newest of channels. It's the exact same strategy that I'm using to grow the Ninja Tricks channel, just click this button to get started.

Blue skies!

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The Ninja Tricks strategy for rapid YouTube Channel Growth

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