How to create a Pinterest board [step-by-step guide]

Creating a Pinterest board is an easy process, but there are a few extra things you can do to dramatically improve the performance of the board itself, and everything you are going to pin to it from now on.

Ninja Note: There is an important step that need to happen before you create your Pinterest board. If you haven't already chosen your keyword-focused board name (read about that here) you'll need to do that first before you create your board.

Let's get started.

First, create your new Pinterest board

In your Pinterest profile, click on ‘Boards'

Pinterest profile with Board tab highlighted and an arrow pointing towards it

Click on ‘Create Board

Pinterest profile showing create board button highlighted

Add your board name to the box that says ‘Name'. Remember, not all board names are created equal when it comes to Pinterest SEO.

Read: How to choose a board name that is optimized for Pinterest SEO.

When you're happy that you've got the right board name, click ‘Create'.

How to create a Pinterest board - Create board page

Congratulations, your board has been officially created!

Next, seed your new board with relevant Pins

The next (very important) step is to seed your board with highly relevant, top performing pins. This process helps Pinterest understand that your new board does, in fact, contain highly relevant pins about your topic. That way, when you add your own pins to that board, Pinterest algorithm will know that they're also highly relevant to that topic.

When you first create your board, Pinterest will suggest some relevant pins for it.

Click on the pins to save them to your new board.

Pinterest suggestions for pins to add to your new board

Add 10-20 seed pins to your new board from the ones that Pinterest recommends. Don't add any of your own pins yet, they'll need to wait for a few days.

Remember, Pinterest thinks the pins it's showing you are highly relevant to the topic you chose for your board. Don't add any pins that clearly don't match your topic, or that look horrendous, or that don't fit the recommended 2:3 Pinterest pin aspect ratio.

If you need to find some extra relevant seed pins, try searching relevant subtopics through the Pinterest search.

For example, if my board topic was ‘Pinterest Marketing' I'd go to the Pinterest Search. When I type in ‘Pinterest marketing' a pile of subtopics get shown. You can go to any of these subtopics to grab some seed pins for your new board.

Pinterest search menu showing subcategories

For the next few days, add 2-3 new seed pins to each new board each day.

You can do this manually if you want, by searching for your topic and adding the first few pins that come up each day in your search results. Make sure you don't add any pins that are already on your board!

NinjaTricks for creating your Pinterest board:

After I've added my initial 10-20 pins to each board I use a pin scheduling tool called Tailwind to space my seed pinning out over a few days and make sure that I'm not pinning any duplicate pins (adding pins that are already on my boards).

It's a huge time saver and their free account has more than enough pins to get your new boards seeded properly, even if you choose not to pay for their regular service.

I'm making a video that shows how I find and schedule my seed pins in a matter of minutes using a free Tailwind account. When it's done, I'll link it here.

Click here to start pinning with a free Tailwind account.

Once you've created your new board, be sure to grab a copy of it's URL (or location) and add it to your Pinterest swipe file.

You can find your board's URL by going to the boards list in your Pinterest profile and clicking on your new board. Your board URL will be shown in your browser navigation bar and should look something like this:

The structure of your Pinterest board URL will be in the form

Will you be using this tip to create your new boards?

If you found this tip interesting or useful, make sure you save it for later by pinning it to your Pinterest Marketing board on Pinterest now.

How to create a Pinterest board - 2:3 aspect ratio

Remember, just reading about ways to improve your Pinterest SEO won't actually improve your Pinterest marketing – you need to take action and implement these tips to actually benefit from the results!

Blue skies!

P.S. If you used this tip to make your new board, would you please let me know? I'd love to find out how you went and see if there's anything that needs to be updated in this guide.

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