How Ninja Tricks helps you grow

There are thousands of blogs out there teaching you how to start your blog and build your profile on social media. There are thousands of courses that promise to teach you everything you need to become an ‘expert' in social media marketing.

NinjaTricks is different.

My aim is to save you time, money and overwhelm by sharing digital marketing strategies, tips and tools that that will help you promote your blog and grow your YouTube channel.

At first it might appear that my tips are overly simple and straight forward.

They're designed that way, because something I've learned (often the hard way) over the last 11 years is that actually getting stuff implemented is far more valuable than just thinking about what you could do.

Getting the basics right and doing things strategically is more important than you probably realize.

Everything I share on NinjaTricks is something that you can implement straight away for your own projects quickly and easily. They are things that I am implementing to promote my own blogs and grow my YouTube channel right now… in 2020.

I'm glad you stopped by.