Hi, I'm Amber!

I’ve been building websites, email lists and online marketing funnels for more than 7 years and people say that I’m pretty good at explaining things.

I’d love to show you some simple tweaks you can make right now to get your website, your email list and your online marketing working better.


Hi, this is Amber and if you keep reading I’m going to explain how to build your own ‘stand-alone’ self-hosted website using WordPress. I’ve heard lots of people say that they get totally confused about this process and they’ve been told that it is really complicated and tricky. Honestly, it’s not difficult - you just [...]

Setting up an email list seems like a fairly easy process... until you sit there and try to do it yourself. You’ve probably been exposed to the different elements of the process a thousand times on other people’s websites - but most people still find themselves a little stumped when you’re trying to work out [...]

Today I'm going to cover the basics of setting up an email list, it's essential reading for anyone who has a website but isn't yet collecting the email addresses of their visitors. I'm even going to give you a free bonus checklist that lists all of the steps you need to go through to set [...]